49 Amazing Door Ornament Ideas

The holidays are here, and if you’re one of the many who love to decorate their home to celebrate this most wonderful time of the year, you’ve probably already got plenty of ideas of how to do so.

Your custom wood doors provide the perfect platform to show off your creativity and festive cheer, and there’s almost no end to the variety of decorations you can come up with.

From traditional and personalized wreaths to more unique items placed on your door, and using your custom wood exterior door as the centerpiece in a full decoration of the front of your home, your neighbors, guests, and any passers-by will be left in no doubt your home is full the joys of the season.

The only downside is having to remove your wonderful decorations once Christmas is over.

Build the best wreath on the block

We all know the basic green wreaths, made of pine, fir or spruce, that you can simply buy and hang. But going the extra mile with a few additions of your own can make that wreath a real eye-catcher. Consider adding some more extra pieces, like long pheasant feathers, green or red apples, or extra sticks and twigs.

If you learn how to make your own wreaths, the options for what can be hung on your custom wood doors are limited only by your own creativity. Depending on your family’s interests, almost anything can be incorporated into a wreath.

From ice skates to seashells, and pine cones to animal figures, a wreath can be given as much personal meaning as it has festive symbolism.

They can be made in different shapes too, such as triangles, squares, or stars, and decorated with colorful flowers, ornaments, and ribbons. Anything out of the ordinary will make for a unique look that, when hung on your custom wood doors, will set your home apart from your neighbor’s.

Liven up your custom door

If wreaths aren’t to your taste, there are plenty of other ways to brighten up your custom wood doors for the holidays.

Have you ever walked up to a nice door with a large, ornate medallion or engraving on the front and been so impressed you had to take a moment to examine it? Creating a similar effect for your custom wood door with can be achieved with architectural ceiling tiles, which come in all sorts of shapes, and may include delicate filigrees and artistic curves.

Painting one of these in holiday colors, adding ornaments like ribbons or mistletoe, and attaching it to your door makes for a unique festive decoration.

A nice monogram of your family name on your custom wood doors, in holiday colors and with a festive ornamentation, can also make a personalized seasonal statement.

Transform the front of your home

Your custom wood doors may be the centerpiece of the front of your home, but that shouldn’t mean neglecting the rest of the house.

If you have a porch, one idea is to surround your door with faux presents. Simply dress up some empty boxes with wrapping paper and ribbons and place them in piles on either side of the door. For porches with a railing, you can do the same with tiny boxes and attach them along the top for a festive border.

For lovers of Christmas lights, creating a warm welcome to your home is easily achieved. Distinguish yourself from your neighbors by outlining your front door and windows. If you really get into the spirit, you can even do the same with your trees or mailbox.

A great complement to a lit-up front door and home is an illuminated walkway. You can do this with LED lights that turn on automatically at night.

While the traditional wreath is a timeless way to give your custom wood doors some festive cheer, there are a number of other ways to achieve the same result.

Non-traditional ornaments like architectural tiles or monograms can make your front door really stand out. Decorating the entire home, with the custom wood door as the centerpiece rather than the sole focus, is another great way to spread the festive spirit throughout your neighborhood.